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    A driver can be ticketed for speeding for driving any amount over the speed limit. Speeding is a strict liability offense which means that the only thing that is required to convict a person of the offense is proof that they committed the act regardless of the driver’s intent. A driver can also be stopped for careless and reckless driving even if he or she is not speeding . If the speed the driver is traveling is considered too fast for the conditions or dangerous to others, the driver can be stopped. Drivers must take many factors into account in determining what speed is reasonable to travel. These factors include the amount and type of traffic, weather, visibility, road conditions, the presence of intersections, train crossings and pedestrians.
    Speed limits

    Cars and light trucks – daytime Cars and light trucks – nighttime Heavy trucks (over 1 ton) – daytime Heavy trucks (over 1 ton) – nighttime
    Interstate 75 75 65 65
    Interstate within urban areas (Billings, Great Falls, Missoula) 65 65 65 65
    2-lane 70 65 60 55

    The daytime speed limits are in effect from one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset and nighttime speed limits apply any other time. Montana uses absolute speed limits which mean that exceeding the limit by 1 mph or 20 mph is a violation. The only speeds that are not absolute are the yellow signs on curves and exit ramps which are only advisory.

    Speed Trap Law in Montana

    Montana does not have a speed trap law but Montana does allow drivers to temporarily exceed the speed limit while passing.

    Speeding to Pass a Vehicle in Montana

    A driver traveling on a two lane road may exceed the speed limit by 10 miles per hour in order to overtake and pass a vehicle.
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