• Assault and Battery Claims

    Assault Claims and Other Personal Injury Including Battery

    Personal injury claims arising from Assault and/or battery include offenses that are both of a criminal nature as well as including civil laws. For cases involving criminal issues, the case typically covers both the assault and also the batter portion of the criminal portion of the case.

    In civil issues of personal injury law, assault is treated differently as an attempt by a person to physically do harm to another individual. Battery refers to the actual harm inflected. Over and above simply having the offender put behind bars, victims in assault and battery claims can also oftentimes receive financial damages to cover medical expenses, as well as pain, trauma, and other suffering and expenses like lost wages.

    A good personal injury lawyer can help you to determine the efficacy of your claim and the nature of your case to help you determine the kind of outcome you could expect should you seek compensation or a settlement of some kind for having been a victim of assault and battery.
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