• Arizona - Grandparents Visitation Rights

    Arizona grandparent visitation rights is unusual due to the fact that it grants great-grandparents exactly the same legal rights as grandparents. Although strictly defined, they do provide grandparents with visitation rights with grandchildren.

    You may view Arizona Law 25-409 for up to date legal information directly from Arizona State.

    An example of a condition which must be filled is this: the parents of their grandchildren must have a dissolved marriage for 3 months or greater, or a parent of their grandchildren needs to be dead, one of the parents needs to have been declared missing 3 months or more, or in the final condition, the child needs to have been born into a family in which the parents are not married.

    As with all states, Arizona courts must decide the course of action based on the best interest of the grandchild, and so they must consider issues like relationship between grandparent with child, motivation of grandparent, as well as the motivation behind why one of the parents or guardians would be denying visitation. Additional factors would be the amount of time being requested for visitation as well as any potential bad effects which visitation could have over the child's normal activities.

    Additionally, where disease of a parent is involved, courts may weight the benefits to keeping a relationship open with extended family. Petitions regarding visitation rights may be filed in conjunction with a divorce and or paternity legal proceedings as well if they are being held. Additionally in Arizona, adoption would terminate any visitation rights except in the situation where it is a stepparent doing the adopting. If you are wondering whether Arizona holds jurisdiction, you may view grandparent visitation rights for all 50 states by visiting this page: http://legalhelp.org/748-grand-paren...hts-state.html
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