• Alabama - Grandparents Visitation Rights

    Alabama has been home to many of the most current legislative struggles regarding grandparents rights have been determined. You may view the Alabama laws directly by going here, Section 30-3-4.1. 2010's Alabama legislature moved forward in passage of HB 348, strengthening the laws in Alabama legal books from 2003 forward. 2011 brought a decision from Alabama's Supreme Court declaring these laws unconstitutional, wherein controversial U.S. Supreme Court decisions were applied specifically in the state of Alabama. Hence, grandparent visitation legal rights remain part of the laws on books in the state of Alabama.
    That said, you should contact a family lawyer in Alabama to determine your rights and the legalities of your case. You may also additionally view visitation rights regarding other states if there is more than just the state of Alabama involved by going here: http://legalhelp.org/748-grand-paren...hts-state.html
    Grandparents legal visitation rights in Alabama generally depend on family situation regarding the grandchild as well as looking at the child's interests and keeping them at the forefront.To be allowed a hearing, ONE of the following Requirements Needs to be met:
    • Parents must be divorced; or,
    • One of the parents or both is/are diseased; or,
    • Child born out of wedlock
    • Child abandoned by one of or both parents
    • Grandparents were denied visitation.
    Alabama Courts use the following in determining more information about grandparent visitation rights
    • Willingness to foster relationship with grandchild and/or parents
    • Child's choices and preferences
    • Mental/physical health of grandparents and child
    • Evidence regarding domestic abuse or other violence in child's home
    • Parental wishes
    Adoption would terminate visitation rights of grandparents.
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