• Colorado - Grandparents Visitation Rights

    Colorado state grandparents may file and petition the courts for visitation rights in the instance where they as the grandchild's grandparents can show that the parents are either divorced, legally separated, or in the case where the grandchild is not in the custody of the parents, i.e. they're in custody of someone who is not the natural born or adoptive parent or if the parent has died.In the state of Colorado, when parents have denied grandparents visitation rights, they are given the benefit of the doubt that they as parents are acting in their children's best interest. Unless a "rebuttable presumption," has been filed by the grandparents which essentially means grandparents present specific evidence regarding their claim to the contrary.

    In Colorado Grandparents need to show "clear & convincing evidence" such that shows that the parent or parents are not adequately fit to presume this specific visitation rights of the children or child. Otherwise, they would need additionally to show that their being barred visitation rights is specifically not in the best interests for the grandchild. If the Colorado court does, in fact, order grand parent visitation rights, their decision to do so needs specifically to cite "special factors" upon which it has made its legal decision about visitation rights of grandparents.
    Colorado State Adoptions generally terminate grandparent visitation rights except in the case where the adopting party is specifically a step parent.See 19-1-117 on Colorado's official website for additional info or clarification regarding grandparent visitation rights. Additionally see 19-1-117.5 for info regarding grandparent disputes over visitation rights.
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