• Alaska - Grandparents Visitation Rights

    For grandparents to request visitation rights with their grandchild in Alaska, they must in the first place request that they be added to an existing custody suit or to a custody suit about to be filed.

    This custody suit need not be already pending. For grandparents to be able to request addition to an existing or about to be filed custody suit which has previously been determined and decided there are legal forms which need to be filed which petition for the addition to the suit. Furthermore, forms are also necessary in order to petition for visitation specifically.

    These forms need not be filed all at once, but instead can be filed piece-wise, aka sequentially/
    When the courts give their judgment, they will take into consider factors regarding the child such as whether visitation from a grandparent would be ideal and in their interest (the grandchild's interest.)

    Additionally to be considered is the factor of whether the grandchild has already had an established relationship or ongoing contact with the grandparent. In some situations, if the grandparents have tried, even if unsuccessfully to establish a relationship or ongoing contact with the grandchild, this may suffice.

    Courts generally consider whether child abuse has occurred in the home and/or whether there have been episodes of domestic violence which could potentially be attributable to the grandchild's mother or father.

    If the grandparent of a grandchild wants to petition for visitation with their grandchild in the absence of an existing custody case, generally a grandparent would require the legal advice of a family lawyer due to the complexities surrounding a case without an existing or pending custody case.

    In Alaska, grandparents' visitation rights are terminated by adoption unless the adoption decree has directly specified grandparent visitation rights regarding the child's natural relatives.

    To view the Alaska grandparent visitation laws directly visit their site at 25.20.065.
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