• Dog Attack in San Diego Injury Lawsuit

    One girl of six years recently suffered an extreme, serious personal injury after being attacked by a pit bull located in the San Diego metropolitan area. The girl was visiting friends and was brought along by her parents. Questions regarding liability on the part of the pit bull owner, liability on the part of government officials regarding dangerous dog statutes and more have been raised. According to the San Diego media, the girl were visiting an apartment belonging to family friends along Oceanside on an evening at the end of June when serious and potentially fatal personal injuries had been sustained. Some reports told of how the young girl had been left alone in the presence of a pit bull by their dad during a brief period of time while went to the vehicle to carry groceries into the apartment. In such a short period of time, the girls were viciously attached. Although the car containing the groceries had been only parked across at a very close distance to the apartment across the street, the incident was still able to occur without regards to the short amount of time she were left alone with the dog.

    Upon returning into the quarters with groceries, the father was met by the horrifying scene of dog attacking child. The little girl was screaming frantically and neighbors heard both the dog and the child in a chilling account. Although the man quickly separated the dog from the little girl, she had already suffered devastating cuts, gashes, and the severity of animal attack injuries that would frighten any parent. The dog which was found attacking the girl is set to be euthanized shortly. The father faces criminal charges and has now become the subject of a personal injury lawsuit along with the city due to poor oversight and general lack of regulations regarding dangerous animals. The investigation is ongoing. Many parents have questions about negligence in such personal injuries sustained by animals. Do they as parents also share blame for such dangerous animal attacks? Do the owners bear the sole blame, or is there a question of liability on the part of city officials?

    These types of personal injury cases involving dog attack from pit bulls, doberman pincers, rottweilers, and other dangerous canines are the unfortunate all too familiar news story which comes on the heals of another set of such dangerous and life-threatening incidents around San Diego recently. In the previous situation, a pit bull terrier attacked two young children. These girls are also part of an injury lawsuit due to the unfortunate animal mauling of a young infant boy and his older sister of just 3 years. These sadly sustained serious injuries that are likely to both scar the children for life as well as which could have caused death. On the heals of such kinds of animal attacks, San Diego officials have been called upon to increase educational awareness regarding the safety and importance of maintaining proper levels of watch with such dangerous animals.

    It is typical for these kinds of personal injuries to unfortunately center around the head of children in such instances where the animal attacks near the neck, head, and irregardless of flailing children's hands. These children who have been involved in such dangerous instances have been lucky, as these types of animal attacks has unfortunately proven fatal in many wrongful death lawsuits which are waged in a continual effor to stave off the owners of such dangerous animals from letting them out or letting them alone in the presence of children. Lucky for the parents in this attack, each of the children will survive and be left with injuries and scars to remind them of the importance of safety around dogs. Authorities recommend that if your child has suffered any type of personal injury due to an attack by a dog that you report such incidents immediately in order to contain and prevent such incidents from being rerun again with more serious potential and fatal results. All too often these kinds of animal attack injuries have gone unreported with followup incidences that claim the early childhood deaths of small defenseless children.
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