• Asbestos Litigation History Part 1 Clarence Borel's Texas Asbestos Suit Against Manufacturers Marks First in History

    Asbestos Litigation History Part 1

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    History of Asbestos Litigation - How Does My Claim Relate to Asbestos Litigation of the Past?

    The history of asbestos litigation starts with a man named Clarence Borel with his attorney named Ward Stephenson. Borel was plaintiff and his attorney tried the suit Borel versus Fireboard which marked the first lawsuit for Asbestos in our time. This lawsuit effectively set up the stage for dozens of years to follow which would hold tens of thousands of asbestos litigation claimants. Borel moved forward with his intentions to sue moving toward the ultimate success in paving the legal way for victims exposed to asbestos so that they have an effective venue for their grievances through the legal system which shaped awareness regarding the true dangers from asbestos that had long been known to industry insiders, but which was unfortunately hid from unsuspecting industrial workers across the country and the world.

    The moving forces involved in asbestos litigation come down to the crux in diseases which have been brought on due to exposure from asbestos products. The disease called mesothelioma includes pleural mesothelioma specifically along with the condition asbestosis. Unfortunately as it is, there do not exist any cures for the mesothelioma which are paired with severity of the cancers have led claimants to move for additional information.

    The initial products which involved mesothelioma lawsuits were filed December of 1966, in the city of Beaumont, Texas. The representing attorney was the famous Ward Stephenson filing on behalf of Claude Tomplait who’d been diagnosed as having asbestosis just a few months earlier in July the same year. The 11 defending manufacturers of insulation products containing asbestos included most notably Johns-Manville and Fireboard but also included the giant fiberglass maker Owens Corning. The legal proceeded went to court May of 1969 and reached a verdict against Mr. Borel just a week after its start.
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