• What Is the Drug Celebrex? And How Can I Find Out If I've Been Injured By Celebrex?

    What Is the Drug, Celebrex? And Has Celebrex Caused Me Serious Complications?

    Similar to the drug Vioxx, the medication Celebrex falls into the category of COX-2 inhibitors specifically in the drug class known as NSAIDs which are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories. Just like Vioxx, the drug Celebrex had been approved by the FDA to be prescribed in treatment of pain, inflammation for osteoarthritis (also known as Osteoarthritis Anti-inflammatory) as well as rheumatoid arthritis and for the management of severe adult pain.

    Celebrex was also approved for primary dysmenorrhea which is essentially the menstrual cramping pains. And once more like Vioxx, Celebrex gives relief for pain through inhibition of COX-2 enzyme receptors from COX enzymes in order to block prostaglandin formation in the body which are substances in the body which are hormone-like and essentially cause the sensation of body pain, body fever as well as in causing inflammation in the body.

    What Exactly Is the Body’s COX Enzyme?

    A COX enzyme is a cyclooxygenase enzyme which comes in 2 forms as follows: COX-1 & COX-2. The COX-1 can be located in many of the body’s cells, and especially inside the stomach’s lining where COX-1 regulates the stomach’s production of acid used in digestion. On the other hand, COX-2 enzyme only shows up in problem scenarios in the body. Hence, COX-2 have been considered in the past to being responsible for adverse effects of pain with inflammation from the COX enzyme.

    Pfizer developed Celebrex under the assumption that the COX-2 is generally responsible for the enzyme COX enzyme as well as in reducing and/or eliminating the gastrointestinal potential risks which are involved in the normal NSAIDs such as Aspirin, Nabumetone, Naproxen, and Ibuprofen which stop COX-1 but also the COX-2 enzymes. Yet, COX-2 also fills additional purposes in the body other than with inflammation.

    Other Purposes for COX Enzyme

    Among the additional purposes of the enzymes known as COX-2 enzyme fill roles to control the heart system-slowing or stopping platelets in the formation of thrombi or dangerous clots in the blood and especially within a heart, in preventing vessel damage. COX enzymes also serve additional functions.
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