First of all thank you so much for your time.
My father is in his 60's, lives in Arizona and is on SS disability due to a number of health problems. Due to these health problems and some other things beyond his control he has incurred a good amount of debt on more than one credit card. Now that he is pretty well maxed out in debt we are trying to find out the best financial options for him. As far as we know he has three main options: continue to pay down the credit cards with or without assistance, declare bankruptcy or just stop paying. He has expressed his concern with not paying and is interested in bankruptcy. I am concerned for his health and well-being first and foremost. We would like him to end up with some funds available for some pro-active health care to improve his health after all is said and done, and of course, would like to avoid bad credit ratings in hopes that he could still have usable credit. Which option would be in his best interests considering his health and well-being?