Wa state
We are looking to relocate across the country due to a possible job transfer. We didnt realize the status of our mortgage, assumed all was well since we have been diligent on payments, nothing ever late. I recently discovered our mortgage company has not ever reported anything on our credit report. THats our only debt and we are upset its not on their. We would like to buy a new house in the next 12-18 mths and are not sure what to do. Do we reaffirm to only have a couple months of mortgage pymts on our credit and then attempt to sell, or do we walk away. What are the consequences of just walking away, what will show on our credit? We dont want to walk away but if the last few years of good standing isnt on our credit we feel we dont have anything to lose now. We owe more on our house than its worth so our only option in selling would be an assumable mortgage or short sale...feeling stuck and not sure of laws involving this in our state