Wa state, discharge from ch 7 bankruptcy april 2012, looking to sell and relocate across the country this spring due to job transfer
we owe more on our home than its worth but have been looking into selling under assumable mortgage
We recently pulled our credit report and noticed NOTHING about our current mortgage,we have owned this home for over 6 years and have NEVER been late, always in good standing and we are at a loss for what to do
We have no other debts and we hoping our good standing with our mortgage would help us in relocating and buying a new home in the future
What are the consequences of just walking away from this home without ever reaffirming?
IS it really true that a foreclosure will not go on our credit without that paperwork in place?
How can we get our mortgage company to report all our good credit with this mortgage for the last few years on our credit
We dont want to walk away and were really counting on this house as our only great credit but now that its not on there we feel we ahve nothing to lose from just walking away