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Anya Bennett

How to Become a Pre-bankruptcy Debt Counselor

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by , 12-21-2011 at 11:45 AM (3750 Views)
United States Bankruptcy Code has opened a credit counseling wing to help debtors take up proper debt relief measures or a free debt consolidation service so that they can get rid of their debt. Many times a debtor don’t understand whether filing bankruptcy could be the right way to get his finance back on track. So, debt counseling helps them get on their feet. This session is conducted by a debt counselor appointed by counseling agency. They possess proper education, interpersonal skill and vast expertise. They thoroughly analyze multiple areas of a debtor’s finance like his total amount of debt, monthly income, liability and additional investments. Depending on all these factors they suggest suitable plan to the debtors or frankly advice them to file bankruptcy. They can tell you which chapter of bankruptcy would be most suitable for your case. This way, after the session is over, the counselor tenders the debtor a completion certificate.

If you wish to take debt counseling as your career, you should start your homework along with your high school curriculum. You need to focus more on mathematics, economics and possess interpersonal skills. Though debt counselor certification does not require you to have college graduation degree but it could be an added advantage for you. If you want to sit on the certification exam, you must cultivate advanced skill in mathematics and economics. The exam level is a bit harder for many. So, advanced degree could give you added benefit.

In the next step you have to contact National Association of Certified Credit Counselors where you will get all the detailed information about the pattern of the exam. This package will also offer you customized classes and courses to better understand the process and crack successfully on the exam.

Next, you have to register your name with credit counseling certification exam website and set up a date for the exam. This exam is taken on-line and you get the result immediately after the exam. If you want to retake the exam again, you cannot fix it immediately. You have to wait for some time.

Now it is the time to apply for job. Initially you can seek for a relevant position in a non-profit agency. Their pay grade may be low but it is better to start with such an organization.

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