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David M. Korpi

How to File a Patent for $125 on your own... Can it REALLY be done?

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by , 09-25-2012 at 11:28 PM (2478 Views)
OK.. Not really.. What I REALLY mean to say is you can file a Provisional Application for Patent, PPA, with the USPTO for $125.

Visit this video based help page, shown in Yahoo Answers, that shows HOW to Patent Your Invention with the Provisional Application for Patent

What this gives you is the coveted "Patent Pending" that the investors in "Shark Tank" insist on your having BEFORE they will entertain working with you. The reason they INSIST on having "Patent Pending" is that they can be assured that you have taken measures to protect your inventive idea either with the Provisional Application for Patent, at a measly $125, or you have actually moved forward with a full utility patent application likely costing you in the range between $5,000 to $10,000. If you do NOT have this sort of protection then you just disclosed your invention publicly to over 1 million viewers.

What the Provisional Application for Patent gives you is the right to affix "Patent Pending" to your inventive idea and then, within 1 year, you are obligated to file a non-provisional patent claiming preference to your PPA.

Usually the folks who elect to invest with you on your invention have their own IP team and pay for them to properly secure the needed IP rights in keeping with their IP portfolio.

Also.. and this is a BIG one... There is a strategy folks invoke where they keep their invention out of the public domain by using Non-Disclosure Agreements and renew their PPA's each year and add what ever "new matter" may come to light and have the ability to choose EXACTLY when they wish to make public their invention by filing for a non-provisional at their chosen time. This is because when you file a non-provisional patent application the information is PUBLIC after 1.5 years. This is because it is under review, and you have "Patent Pending" and you may or may not have any of your claims accepted by the USPTO.

Sometimes, folks use the PPA as an "Insurance policy" that allows the owner who might presently hold the inventive idea as a "Trade Secret" the ability to capitalize on the "early filing date" of the PPA to enable them to be the first to file on their invention so that they can be the owner of the invention should they discover someone reverse engineered their invention. The America Invent's Act will have first to file a reality in March 2013. At this point we are still in a first to invent.

Feel free to call Dave Korpi, Pacific Time at 831-455-0418 to discuss how you can file a Provisional Application for Patent on your own. Click on the two links above to learn how the process works in video format.