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David M. Korpi

How to file a Provisional Application for Patent for $125

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by , 10-31-2012 at 02:34 AM (6285 Views)
So you have an invention and you want to patent it and are thinking it will cost thousands of dollars so you do nothing..
Then, if 2 years you see the EXACT same thing in Costco and curse yourself for not moving forward when you knew you should have.

Think the US Government wants you to pay LOTS in Taxes? Well.. they do and this is EXACTLY why the US Patent office provides the Provisional Application for Patent, PPA, that lets you file a PPA for $125. They will let you play in the "big boy's sandbox" if you are willing to learn HOW to do it.

Not to worry. They made it simple, but like the Government you know how Simple the 1040 EZ tax forms are! The GREAT news is you can see EXACTLY how to file a PPA using a Provisional Patent Video Course that will show you with over the shoulder videos how it is done.

The beauty of the PPA is it is not as "formal" as the non-provisional patent application. However, you must, within one year, exercise your "option" if you will, by claiming priority to your PPA in a non provisional patent application.

The idea is the USPTO is of the mind that it will take you less than one year to determine the viability of your invention and align yourself with a partner who will then take on the intellectual property and file the non-provisional using THEIR IP team and you will get paid in a buyout, license agreement, outright sale, or even form a partnership.

In any case everyone wins... You wil because you can take advantage of the US Patent process that affords you the right to defend your invention and you will make money that you will then pay taxes and the US Government is happy.

In the end.. offering the Provisional Application for Patent to everyone is a wonderful way to level the playing field to allow YOU, the little guy, to enjoy the benefits of intellectual property protection.

Sometimes, folks use the PPA as an "Insurance policy" that allows the owner who might presently hold the inventive idea as a "Trade Secret" the ability to capitalize on the "early filing date" of the PPA to enable them to be the first to file on their invention so that they can be the owner of the invention should they discover someone reverse engineered their invention. The America Invent's Act will have first to file a reality in March 2013. At this point we are still in a first to invent.

And GUYS and GALS... You WILL need to use a Non Disclosure with EVERYONE you share your inventive idea with. This serves to keep it out of the public domain which is important if you want to extend the 12 months by virtue of filing more than one PPA. Of course the NDA will also afford the protection from folks stealing your invention. To get your copy take a look at the following How to file a patent website...

Feel free to call Dave Korpi, Pacific Time at 831-455-0418 to discuss how you can file a Provisional Application for Patent on your own. Click on the two links above to learn how the process works in video format.