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Goran Tepshic

Cloud Hosting: The Legal Issues Involved

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by , 07-04-2012 at 09:35 AM (204706 Views)
[COLOR=#000000]Recently, cloud computing has created a lot of interest in the web hosting fraternity. This internet technology has been a great invention to business owners, who have claimed many benefits including reduced hardware and infrastructure expenses.

However, many people are normally interested to know more about the legal measurements involved in cloud hosting, regarding information loss and security. Some concurrent plans are always expected from the specialized position like having data backup for the particular site, or keeping the services of another source in case of emergency.

These are the realistic solutions to deal with the issues that might occur as a result of unexpected events at the primary service provider.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]Cloud computing is still a relatively new concept, but it has been embraced widely by many organizations.

Therefore, it is equally important to address the legal issues that might raise concerns to the users. Looking from a legal perspective, there are many relevant issues which occur and those which need to be properly included in any certification design between the involved parties. The aftermath of this is that there will be a common agreement that will emerge to address the various cloud computing legal issues.

[COLOR=#000000][B][I]Cloud hosting legal considerations[/I][/B]
If you are looking forward to getting involved with cloud computing to rip off the benefits that it comes with, then you are sure to explore the possibility by taking an in-depth look at some of these important considerations.

[COLOR=#000000][B][I]Data location and security[/I][/B]
This is a very important consideration you should take before signing up for any legal binding. On many circumstances, cases of serious breaches in data security and confidentiality have been reported. Sometimes, these issues get out of hand to the point where by private information get published and sites get compromised raising many security concerns. Another essential consideration to make is the data location. Your data could be stored in locations that you don't know, thus the concern of whether there is legal governance over your data arises. It is important to understand that with cloud computing, you lose control over your data location.

[COLOR=#000000][B][I]Warrant of jurisdiction and uptime[/I][/B]
With the current competition in the business market, you have to get an assurance that cloud computing is reliable for you business. If your business has to keep on going, you surely cannot afford to have even a single second of server downtime. Therefore, how to get a warrant of uptime is one of the cloud computing legal issues that you must consider. More importantly, a warrant of jurisdiction is also recommended. You should consider a situation whereby, a dispute arises and there is need to seek a place of jurisdiction to settle the dispute.

[COLOR=#000000][B][I]The exit strategy and data retrieval[/I][/B]
Coming into an agreement over the cloud computing legal issues does not mean that you have to be legally linked with the hosting services for ever. At some point in your business, you might need to end the contract period or to transit to a new service provider. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the aspects of data retrieval and the exit strategy you are going to be provided with. You have to be aware of the rights you have upon termination of the agreement.

[COLOR=#000000]Cloud hosting is a technology worth an investment to any business or individual. It offers ease of access of data from any position and eliminates the need to save for storage hardware and other infrastructure. However, it is important to focus on how to address the cloud computing legal issues that might arise before joining cloud computing.

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