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A Blogger's Legal Guide to Writing Posts

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by , 07-06-2012 at 04:29 PM (4800 Views)
Legal Guidelines for Bloggers

You might be a fresh, new blogger, or maybe you're a seasoned blogger practically from the 90's, and it's been coming up more and more than some bloggers have been penalized or somehow run into legal issues for what they've posted online in their blogs.

So we wanted to take a minute and share a few tips to help you cover your bases. Just as other kinds of publicists, journalists, and publishers disseminate information that people don't want online, bloggers have been known to publish info along these lines. Some bloggers have been known to publish info on their blog that the subject of the story considers defamatory, or maybe you write about the issues and alleged criminal or other shady activities of a candidate for the senate. Whatever the story, there are times when people will be mad about this and you can take steps to protect yourself.
Many of the reporters for major publications have had training on what is legal and what is not. These people have bosses, editors, and others who work with them to assure what they write falls in the guidelines of protected speech. Additionally, the laws are more murky with regards to bloggers because the legal system has not always been quick to catch up with new methods for sharing and publishing information.
But don't worry, you don't need an editor looking over your shoulder all the time. You don't need permission from the government or the courts, or anyone to share information. In fact, if anything, you'ave already received permission through your legal free speech which comes to us as the foundation gifted to us from the fathers of our democracy. All that said, it doesn't mean that there won't be people who will attempt to bully bloggers at times to keep them from writing information which they do not want shared.

Go Here for the Guide to Blogging Legally

To be clear, this guide isn't a substitute for, nor does it constitute, legal advice. Only an attorney who knows the details of your particular situation can provide the kind of advice you need if you're being threatened with a lawsuit. The goal here is to give you a basic roadmap to the legal issues you may confront as a blogger, to let you know you have rights, and to encourage you to blog freely with the knowledge that your legitimate speech is protected.
You also might want to keep in mind that our guide doesn't necessarily cover those blogging out of the US.

Blogging Legal Issues Should not Scare You

First of all, remember that legal issues which confront you as a regular blogger or as a legal blogger or as a news blogger, or whatever type of blogger you are should not scare you. You hold freedoms to speech. You are protected. We encourage you to write and enjoy the thrill and fulfillment of blogging knowing that any legitimate speech you share is protected and free.