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Melissa Davis

Introduction to Motor Vehicle Accident Compensations

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by , 10-18-2012 at 12:55 PM (3791 Views)
Accidents like car crashes, motorcycle crashes and situations where a car hits a pedestrian occur every day, and in most cases there is always a party that is to blame for the outcome of the situation. Some people just think that they “own the road”. These people are always in a rush and they seem to think that it is more important that they get to the required destination as soon as possible than anything else. They make irrational decisions which in some cases lead to a motor vehicle accident. The damaged party (the ones who obey the traffic rules and did nothing wrong) often take no action as they think that they will not be able to win the case in court. This is a widespread misconception. There is always the one that is to blame for a motor vehicle accident and there are ways to prove your claims if you are the “damaged” party.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the laws that concern motor vehicle accidents differ from state to state and from country to country. For example in the USA, states like Victoria or Tasmania for example, people are allowed to file for motor vehicle accident compensation if they are to blame for the accident. That is why, when being a victim of a motor vehicle accident it is advisable that you contact a compensation lawyers that deals with these sorts of predicaments. It is also highly advisable that you contact him or her as soon as possible so that it doesn't become too late to claim your losses.

So, if you are a motor vehicle driver who did nothing wrong, or if you are a passenger, or a pedestrian who is involved in an accident there are claims that would compensate for at least one of the following situations:

If you were on your way to work, the earnings that you would have gotten can be compensated.

If you go to the hospital, all the medical expenses will be covered by the compensation.

Out of pocket expenses can be compensated.

There are even compensations for “pain and suffering”, if the accident caused severe injuries

Furthermore, nowadays the law in most countries requires that everyone who owns a vehicle has to maintain insurance for it. Motor vehicle accident compensations are often paid form that same insurance. This insurance is not bought because people have intent of getting into an accident. It is just a precaution. People should know this and they should never hesitate to call up their insurance companies.
There are many ways to make the compensations from motor vehicle accidents easier to claim.

Keep a copy of your insurance card and your insurance information within your motor vehicle always.

Remember to ask for the other driver’s name and his or hers insurance information. If they flee the scene, try to remember their license plate number. Ask for the phone number as well.

Have a copy of the police report regarding the accident sent to your insurance company (if the company doesn’t do so itself)

Ask your insurance company to give you information on what you should do next
These motor vehicle accident compensations are nowadays easy to claim, because all the required paperwork is supplied by the insurance company. In some cases, however, if the injury is very serious, both parties are required to appear in court. This is also the case if the accident is fatal to one party.

There is the so-called “Motor Vehicle Accident Calculator”. People use it to determine the amount of money the “not guilty” party gets depending on the accident itself. However this can be done just by taking to the qualified people at your insurance company.

Some people tend to think that these compensation claims take up a lot of their time. This is also a general misconception. Everything is, in most cases, done by your insurance company. The people working there contact the people working for the insurance company of your opposing party and all is done while the people that were involved in the accident live on their lives as usual.

In the end, one can draw the conclusion that, firstly, if you are in a motor vehicle accident you should try to collect any compensation available, secondly, that you should maintain your vehicle insurance, and finally, that all this is not a very difficult procedure.