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Criminal Defence Law - How Does It Help?

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by , 10-05-2012 at 11:47 AM (1580 Views)
Crime is a common problem affecting all countries and there is no particular age group that can be linked to it. It is bound to happen everywhere and anyone can do it for whatever reason. There are laws governing different countries on handling crime but defining those laws and executing them as intended takes the intervention of national judiciary systems. It is through courts that criminals can be tried and a decision on their fate reached. This is where criminal defence law comes to play as anyone arrested and presented before a court of law would have both a prosecution lawyer arguing against him and a criminal defence lawyer arguing on his behalf.

Is Everyone Who Is Arrested A Criminal?
There used to be this common belief in the past that everyone was innocent unless proven guilty and that is what the courts were established for. That is to prove the crime of a criminal before sentencing him or her in any way, shape or form. However over the past decade things have changed and moved on to make the opposite to be true. Due to overwhelming crime rates as well as terrorist activities, most nations have adopted the belief that everyone is a criminal until proven innocent. This has made criminal defence law ever more interesting as defence lawyers are often expected to prove the innocence of their clients. This might sound weird but that is the truth and it is actually happening in most nations.

Do Defence Lawyers Save Criminals?
You might be wondering what the actual role of a criminal defence lawyer is? Are they meant to save criminals who have actually committed a crime from being punished? If they do that, won't they be promoting crime? To understand their roles better, it is important to realize that the law requires their presence in all cases for two reasons. Firstly, to protect innocent people from being wrongfully punished for a crime they never committed. And secondly, if a criminal acknowledges his crime and pleads guilty, the defence lawyer would be expected to negotiate an acceptable corrective deal on his behalf. This is particularly true for petty crimes such as shoplifting and street fighting. In fact upon studying their cases, criminal defence lawyers would advise their clients to plead guilty for the crime that they committed to ensure they receive a lighter sentence.

What To Do If You Are Accused?
No one is immune from accusations either filed on purpose or out of an error in judgment. What do you do when you are victimized? Your best bet would be to seek the help of a professional lawyer that is experienced in criminal defence law. You should never hide information and try to be open and reveal the truth to them. They would listen to your case, make an assessment of your merits and advice you accordingly.

All countries have a proper system in place to deal with criminals, their main purpose is to reduce crime and rehabilitate criminals. Punishment is never their ultimate goal as everyone has the right to change his lifestyle for the better. It often takes a little bit of counselling to take most petty criminals out of crime.