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Terry McCaffrey

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by , 11-30-2012 at 01:17 AM (3116 Views)
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My wife & I receantly seperated,she put a protective order against me to keep me away from my house and to provent me from removing any of my belongings.we went to court,she was represented by a P.O.R.T lawyer,the judge instructed me and her lawyer to come to an agreement on what I wanted from the residenc, we did so.The judge instructed me to contact her lawyer prior to going to the residence,I did so,and when I got there I was not allowed to enter the residence,only the back yard & garage area.I have not been able to retrieve any of my clothes and personal belongings from within the house and 1/2 of my tools and all of the new car parts I had stored in the garage are missing.What can I do ?
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