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New Florida Personal Injury Protection Law 2013

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by , 07-07-2012 at 06:09 AM (1903 Views)
At the beginning of this coming year, the state of Florida has established that new PIP (Personal Injury Protection) laws will take place effective this coming January 1, 2013.

The insurance companies and insurance industry lobbied for the passage of this law, and have passed this under the guidance of Gov. Rick Scott. Although it was proposed under the disguise of curbing fraud, it actually represents a huge boon to the insurance companies. Initially it was marketed using promises to have guaranteed lower insurance premiums, but this portion of the law was later dropped when it was no longer needed to garner support.

Anyone with insurance will probably realize that insurance for personal injury is required in Florida. PIP generally covers around 80% of medical costs to the amount of $10,000.00; it further covers 60% for lost wages and provides for a death benefit to remaining loved ones. Starting January 1 this coming year (2013), injured persons in car wrecks will be required to obtain treatment within 14 days of the accident or be denied their PIP coverage. Treatment must come from a a Dentist, M.D., a D.O., or Chiropractor or occur in a hospital or other facility wholly owned by a hospital. Under the new law, recovery amounts are limited in the following ways.

1. $10,000 -- emergency medical issues; or

2. $2,500.00 -- non-emergency medical issues.
The Florida law now stipulates that “emergency medical issues” are described as follows: medical issues or conditions which manifest themselves through acute physical medical symptoms to the sufficient severity that they include severe pain, and without immediate medical care, the following would occur:

1. Serious physical and medical jeopardy for patient's medical health;
2. Serious impairment of a patients's bodily functions; or
3. Serious medical and/or physical dysfunction for a patient's organ's or body parts.

The first major impact for this new Florida Personal Injury Law is as follows. These new stipulations have serious consequences as they generally show that the insurance companies intend for you to be required to pay for $10,000 in coverage while only being given $2,500 in money for medical claims.

The second change from the new insurance law in Florida stipulates that massage therapy, acupuncture, or other homeopathic remedies will not be entitled to be covered legally in the new PIP law. It won't matter if an M.D. prescribes it, if the insurance company does not agree with the care, you will not receive compensation for it.