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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Expected After Car Accident

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by , 07-16-2012 at 07:33 PM (2260 Views)
A wrongful death lawsuit may be launched after a man who was 62 years of age and from San Gabriel has been killed in a car accident. The incident occurred when a 1926 Ford hot rod which was being test driven by the man and a colleague sped out of control and crashed into the side of the road. Local newspaper, The San Gabriel Valley Tribune has reported the case of the road crash which happened earlier on this month. Highway Patrol officials of California say that the driver, who was 70 years of age and an professional hot rod dealer and mechanic, was test driving his vehicle whilst cruising down the 210 freeway which is near town Towne Avenue in Claremont when he lost control of the vehicle which caused him to swerve to right hand side of the road. Here, the hot rod careened into the curb and subsequently crashed into a nearby lamp post. The man was partially thrown from his vehicle during the accident as the car did not have any seatbelts. He is, however expected to survive the ordeal.

His friend, who was riding as a passenger, died as a result of him striking his head on the concrete shoulder and was rushed to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Centre where medical professionals later pronounced him dead. A thorough investigation is underway to get to the bottom of the incident, with experts looking at a combination of the mechanics of the vehicle and the skid marks left on the road by the hot rod.

At this early stage of the investigation, itís unclear how exactly the driver lost control of the vehicle to swerve across the road, although the fact that neither men were wearing seatbelts means that a strong case for wrongful death in car accident will be made. Pasadena injury lawyer, Richard Hutton, commenting on the case said: "Currently, thereís no evidence to suggest that there was any alcohol involved in the incident and itís looking unlikely that either the substance, or any dangerous driving caused the car accident to happen." Early reports suggest that the most likely outcome of the accident was mechanical malfunction caused by the fact that the vehicle was in its formative stages. Because the man who died was an employee of the dealership, he was technically working at the time of the test drive and subsequent accident. For this reason, if the victimís bereaved family decided to initiate a wrongful death lawsuit, they could do so by seeking workerís compensation damages. This would allow them to cover any medical expenses incurred whilst the man was in hospital and also for damages, funeral costs and loss of income.


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    What a bummer for everyone!
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    If someone has been killed due to wrongful conduct by another individual or company, their heirs as well as other potential beneficiaries are entitled to filing one or more wrongful death lawsuits against responsible parties or people. Wrongful death laws vary from one state to another state, yet in general these laws define the guidelines for who can sue, along with any potential limits regarding how much money they may obtain for damages.
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