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Conversation Regarding Getting Security Deposit Back

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by , 12-04-2012 at 06:55 PM (3724 Views)
Chat With Visitor On 12/4/2012 12:39:39 PM
Visitor says @ 12:39:32 PM:
(inviteid:643242755) i need a free lawyer to help get a security deposit back from a landlord. i am on SSD
Visitor says @ 12:39:39 PM:
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Vivian says @ 12:39:51 PM:
I can have an attorney call you for a free consultation...
Visitor says @ 12:40:03 PM:
from where?
Vivian says @ 12:40:12 PM:
I don't know for sure whether they'll be able to help you for free, they'll be from New York, where are you located?
Visitor says @ 12:40:21 PM:
i'm near syracuse, ny
Vivian says @ 12:40:30 PM:
what's your name and number?
Vivian says @ 12:40:38 PM:
do you need bankruptcy protection?
Visitor says @ 12:40:42 PM:
Visitor says @ 12:40:51 PM:
security deposit and overpaid rent
Vivian says @ 12:40:55 PM:
uh huh
Visitor says @ 12:41:03 PM:
can they help?
Vivian says @ 12:41:09 PM:
yeah I don't really have anyone who can help for free... I mean they could do free cnosultation
Visitor says @ 12:41:16 PM:
i can't do small claims court
Vivian says @ 12:41:44 PM:
i would suggest calling the new york bar and asking for their referral service
Visitor says @ 12:41:45 PM:
how much do they charge?
Vivian says @ 12:41:55 PM:
otherwise, if you have been injurred on the premises
Vivian says @ 12:41:59 PM:
maybe there is a personal injury case
Visitor says @ 12:41:59 PM:
i've called all over, nobody will help me
Visitor says @ 12:42:07 PM:
no injury
Vivian says @ 12:42:08 PM:
other than that, I'm not sure what I can do for you...
Visitor says @ 12:42:22 PM:
its for security deposit and overpaid rent. do they do that?
Vivian says @ 12:42:25 PM:
i would call new york state bar association
Vivian says @ 12:42:39 PM:
they have a referall service for legal aid i think
Visitor says @ 12:42:49 PM:
legal aid won't help i called
Visitor says @ 12:42:52 PM:
they hung up on me
Vivian says @ 12:42:53 PM:
they'll tell you if there is free legal help availble
Visitor says @ 12:43:04 PM:
they hung up on me
Visitor says @ 12:43:10 PM:
nice, eh?
Vivian says @ 12:43:23 PM:
haha, sorry yeah
Vivian says @ 12:43:26 PM:
too bad
Vivian says @ 12:43:34 PM:
but yeah I don't know either because I can't help
Vivian says @ 12:43:39 PM:
Visitor says @ 12:43:42 PM:
who can?
Vivian says @ 12:43:48 PM:
good luck
Visitor says @ 12:43:56 PM:
nobody cares
Vivian says @ 12:44:15 PM:
people care, but there are lots of people who want things free
Vivian says @ 12:44:26 PM:
people are trying to keep their businesses open
Visitor says @ 12:44:29 PM:
well don't they get a % or something
Vivian says @ 12:44:31 PM:
that's why I can't help
Vivian says @ 12:44:37 PM:
% of how much?
Visitor says @ 12:44:41 PM:
the total
Vivian says @ 12:44:44 PM:
how much?
Visitor says @ 12:44:55 PM:
$589 + 80
Vivian says @ 12:45:16 PM:
so even if they took 50%, that would be $335
Vivian says @ 12:45:24 PM:
that would cover about 2 hours
Vivian says @ 12:45:31 PM:
and 50% would be eggregious
Visitor says @ 12:45:36 PM:
so nobody can help me
Vivian says @ 12:45:49 PM:
I suggest calling the bar association to see if they can help
Vivian says @ 12:45:55 PM:
they have a referral service
Visitor says @ 12:45:57 PM:
what is there number?
Vivian says @ 12:45:59 PM:
but these things happen
Visitor says @ 12:46:03 PM:
Vivian says @ 12:46:04 PM:
i don't have their number, try googling it
Visitor says @ 12:46:04 PM:
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