I have a 50/50 LLC with a business partner. We did not put anything in writing for the LLC. No agreement or anything. The business just opened 4 months ago. She won't talk to me and hasn't for months.
She hires employees without my knowledge, has the employees not answer my questions. She has another business that our employee works for as well.
I got a letter from her lawyer stating that she has put more money into the business and does not want to continue to pay anymore, so 2 options. Dissolve the LLC or I can walk away and sign over my portion of the LLC. I just want my initial deposit back. I have 21k cash that I put in and $4,500 in credit card debt. What are my rights? I just want out of this. I don't have any more money to put into this and I never knew she was putting this money in because she pays out of her other business.
Can she take my investment and the business without giving me any money?