Category: Spousal Support/Alimony
  Lawyer FAQ: Am I Entitled to Spousal Support?
Toronto divorce lawyer Steven Benmor discusses the family law question "Am I Entitled to Spousal Support?

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  Global Legal Resources - Family - Spousal Support
Global Legal Resources - Family - Spousal Support

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  Spousal Maintenance
Alimony, otherwise known as spousal support or maintenance, is a court-sanctioned financial obligation providing financial support to a spouse.

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  Divorce Advice : How Long Can You Receive Alimony?
Alimony depends on the ability of one spouse to pay the other spouse, as well as the needs of that spouse, and it is governed by the length of the marriage and relative financial abilities. Learn about permanent alimony that can continue until death with help from a certified civil mediator in this ...

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  Divorce Advice : Who Pays Alimony?
The laws regarding alimony vary from state to state, but in general, alimony is designed to assist the spouse that is making less money with their living expenses. Discover how alimony is usually determined by the need for assistance, as opposed to the ability to pay, with help from a certified civi...

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  Is Alimony Affected if My Ex is Gay?
The weight of the ex-spouse's sexual preference when determining alimony.

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  Alimony for Same Sex Couples
Does alimony apply to a dissolution of a domestic partnership? San Diego divorce attorney, Michele Sacks Lowenstien, provides information on the differences between the rules governing alimony from the dissolution of a registered domestic partnership and those for a divorce.

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  Terminating Alimony Payments
How to terminate alimony payments and why most states impose the obligation.

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  Wage And Hour Law

Wage and Hour Law Enforcement: Chairman George Miller
Rep. George Miller, Chairman of the Education and Labor Committee, made an opening statement at a hearing which asked if the Department of Labor is effectively enforcing our wage and hour laws on July 15, 2008.
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    Lemon Law

The New California Lemon Law
California lemon law specialist Kurt Delsack explains the newest change in the California lemon law. If you live in California and think you have a lemon, call: 1.888.ExLemon (395.3666) or go to and submit the form for a free consultation with a CA attorney. The ne...
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  Contract Law

Contract Requirement of Consideration & Compentent Parties
Discussion of the contract elements of Consideration & Compentent Parties
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How To FIle A Provisional Patent Application and Prepare for your Patent Attorney
We show you how to file a provisional patent application and have a course that even works if you want to use an attorney.THis course will save thousands because it shows you exactly what to do to file your provisional patent or prepare for your non-provisional patent.The first to file makes filing ...
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