hiring a lawyer for a car wreck of a mechanic lawsuit waiting to happen

This is a discussion on hiring a lawyer for a car wreck of a mechanic lawsuit waiting to happen within the Consumer Law Questions forums, part of the Legal Questions & Answers Forum category; I was having the problem of my car not starting (you turn the key, and nothing happens...not an issue with the battery). The major issue was that, when I turn ...

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    hiring a lawyer for a car wreck of a mechanic lawsuit waiting to happen

    I was having the problem of my car not starting (you turn the key, and nothing happens...not an issue with the battery).

    The major issue was that, when I turn the key on, nothing happens.
    The car "not doing anything when the key was turned on", was an ongoing issue, an issue that I had already taken the car to this shop for on three separate occasions, yet I was still having the same issue.
    Three times in 2011, I had the car towed to Miller Automotive for this issue alone.

    First time I took it to them for this problem, I was told I was not using the remote properly, and was charged approximately $200. Was not given detailed receipt of what work was done, only received receipt out of a simple receipt book simply stating what I was charged.

    A short time later, the same thing happened again; nothing happens when you turn on the key.

    The second time I took it to them for the same problem, I was told, again, that it was the alarm system, and that they had removed the alarm system (which was now on the front seat of my car), and that now the issued was resolved. The charge for this visit was approximately $350.00. Again, I was not given detailed receipt of what work was done, only received receipt out of a simple receipt book simply stating what I was charged.

    The third time I took it back, they put the alarm system back in, told me "how to use the remote properly" to start the car. I cannot recall how much I was charged on that occasion.


    ON ALL THREE OCCASIONS, THEY WANTED ME TO SEND MY CAR TO "THEIR ALARM GUY" TO PUT IN A NEW ALARM SYSTEM. The present alarm system I had was less than a year old.

    At their suggestion, I took my car to the place that initially installed the alarm, and was told there was nothing wrong with the alarm stystem that would cause the problem I was having. When I relayed this to Miller Automotive, they said the alarm shop was lying to me.

    My car had overheated on July 26, 2011, and I had it towed home.
    Due to the fact that
    I had back surgery July 27, I was unable to drive until December, and nothing had been done to the car since that date.
    I had purchased a thermostat, radiator flush, and antifreeze to address the overheating problem, but when I tried to crank the car, nothing happened when I turned the key on, again.

    Consequently, I had the car towed to Miller Automotive again on December 7, 2011. I needed the overheating problem addressed; as well as nothing happening when you turned the key.

    About a week later, I called and requested that the radiator be replaced, at the advice of my brother. Jeremy told me they had serviced the cooling system, and that there was no need to replace the radiator.
    Shortly thereafter, on January 26, 2012, they called me and told me that my heads were cracked and that, indeed, the radiator had a crack in it. At such time, they informed me that it was going to be $3,150 to make those repairs and that I had to pay them half of that before they would do the work. On that same date, I paid them with Check #3771 in the amount of $1, 575.00.
    Sometime in February, they called me and said I needed an additional part in the sum of approximately $255.
    On February 14, 2012, they called me and said my car was ready and that the balance was $1,821.51. However, they stated that I still needed to have my alarm replaced by their guy. I stated that I wanted to go ahead and put $300 toward the new alarm. Therefore, I gave them Check #3855 in the amount of $2,128.51
    In total, I paid $3,403.51 for car repairs, and no evidence of what any of these charges were for or what was actually done.

    At this time (2-14-12), their repairs were completed, I had paid, and they were going to deliver my car to their alarm guy. On February 28, they called and stated that their alarm guy refused to install his alarm, until the old alarm was first moved by the people who installed it.
    At this time I AGAIN requested a detailed receipt. However, I was only given a simple receipt book receipt, and told that they had to finish working on a REAL RECEIPT for me.
    At this point, I asked Jeremy to please take it to Ray's Audio to ask them to uninstall it, as I was involved in a 'MILLER SAID, RAYE'S SAID) predicament. At this time I also inquired as to weather they could replace the front bumper on my car. He stated, "Of course." A price was never discussed. I ordered the bumper on March 2, 2012, and it was delivered on March 5, 2012.
    Shortly thereafter, I received a call from Jennifer Miller stating that installing the bumper and painting it would require an additional $537.57, resulting in charges being $837.57. (They already had my $300 credit on the alarm that wasn't installed.) (When I mentioned this, I was told that they had to have a key made at a cost of $60 and $65 to remove the alarm, which would be me paying $712.57 for the bumper.) I then stated that I had not requested them to paint the bumper. Jennifer then stated that they would take off $120 for not painting the bumper. I kept inquiring what the cost of putting the bumper on, and she could not tell me. Therefore, I told them to go ahead and paint it.
    On April 19, they called and stated the car was ready. I paid $537.57 on April 19, 2012, with Check #1529.

    I got in my car and drove away. I got away 2 blocks and noticed the check engine light was on; so I returned to Miller Automotive. At this time, Joe Miller stated to me that he could fix my door panel for $70 when I wanted him to. I requested he fix the door while they were determining the cause of the check engine light. They called me on April 25, 2012, and stated the car was ready. I wasn't given any notice of what was wrong or what it would cost; just called when done, and told it would be $297.96.
    On this occasion, I was given a detailed receipt; which stated they had replaced the oxygen sensor and the throttle position sensor. On April 25, 2012, I paid $297.96, with Check #1530.

    After paying this amount, I got in my car. It was extremely hot, so I looked at my gauges and knobs. the dail was turned to heat and defrost. I attempted to turn the knob to vents, but it would not switch. I also turned the knob to cool; however, the air blowing out was hot. (Mind you my car broke down in July)

    Consequently, I had to still leave my car. A lot of crap went around about what was wrong. Eventually, I was called on May 9, 2012, and told my car was ready. On May 11, 2012, I paid $480.83 for repairs. My receipt for this simply says, "FIXED AC & WIRING ISSUE". I have no idea what was actually done.

    Being relieved just to get my car back, I went straight home. My son went to look at my car, and informed me the paint was literally peeling off the bumper. And it is!!
    Miller says to bring the car back and they will be happy to fix it. Mind you my car was kept for 5 months. The only way to remedy this paint issue is to totally strip all the paint, start over and sand, prime, paint, and clearcote the bumper. I really just can't see this happening. Also bumper is black by nature. Their are parts of the bumper that are black, as well as red. I informed them the black parts had to be painted because that's how it was originally done. All they did was argue with me. At this point, I asked for my extra key, which they stated, they "threw it away." I went to get an extra key, and it cost me $30.00; I was informed it would cost a wholesaler $22.90. Said the only way the key would be $60.00 is if the key was lost and you had to make it from the VIN number. Also went to alarm shop, they stated there was no $65 fee to remove the alarm. There are so many more attrosities to this case that I haven't even begun. For example, they approached me to work on my car (I knew them from bowling) after seeing me at a show across the street that stole my entire stereo, system, subwoofers, speaker box, and alarm from my car. They also told me Firestone was screwing me around, and that they would take good care of me as that ran an excellent business.

    I have the shop that originally painted my entire car willing to give me an estimate of what it will take to remedy the paint job. I also have a mechanic willing to give an estimate of what it actually costs to replace radiator and resurface heads (Approximately $1,500-$2,000). He also states the 2 sensors that were replaced and AC issue are most likely attributed to mishandling when replacing the heads. As stated earlier, the check engine light was on when I picked up the car, and the air was messed up when I picked up the car.

    And on May 30, 2012, the AC hoses or tubes exploded when I cranked my car, which I have been told is a direct result of the compressor being overfilled.

    I have an attorney who has advised me that I have an excellent case. I would just like to know what issues I might be able to recoup in a lawsuit.


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    I would say the only claim you have is the bumper repaint. Everything else appears to be sustainable and incurred because you know nothing about cars and insisted on repetitively returning the car to a shop that apparently does substandard work. As for your attorney, I am sure he is billing you by the hour to play this game. I suspect he will make much more than you get for the bumper, which they appear to have attempted to fix, except you denied them the chance.


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