Help Young Adult and Minor Texting Question

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    Help Young Adult and Minor Texting Question

    Hey I am 19 years old and am finding myself in an issue that i didnt know i could get into. I have a friend he is 13 about to be 14 his sister and i are together and live together. Her brother my 13 year old friend was on my phone plan because his mom would not get him one only the daughter. The boy lives with his real legal mom and his step dad who is a listed sex offender. The boy and his sister age of 16 not the one i am with I am with his older sister who is 22 years of age. Well me and the boy were texting one day and I said whats up? He replied jacking off I said you lucky dick I should come over just for the ending. Witch was an inside joke because when they lived with us i walked in on him jacking off several times and he always said i had horrid timing because i always ruined it right before he ended or finished hints the joke. then the texts after that were just he replied yea haha you should and i replied where is everyone at meaning mom step dad sister because i was just surprised that he was able to jack off that that time because he was never alone both kids are very sheltered. He told me his mom was at work step dad was at his sex offender class and my girlfriend and taking the other sister to get her permit. i said oh wow. he said yea. I then replied i would be over there when he was done to give him a hug and too see him for a sec because it was friday and his step dad is home all weekend and the step dad does not allow me over when he is there because he hates me as i do him for treating the kids and wife the way he does. He replied ok hurry his step dad could be there anytime i then said ok leave door unlocked. he said ok just hurry. that was the end of texts. I went over asked him how his day went told him i loved him gave him a hug and left was there a total of maybe 2 mins This boy is more like my brother well long story short. The dad took his phone to go through it as he always does and the boy left our messages as we didnt think anything of them because we knew what was meant by everything and it wasnt like i said anything sexual the step dad found them and copied them to his computer then broke the phone in half my phone and yelled at the boy. The next day he called me down to his house i was shocked because he never does so I went down and he told me that what i said is very wrong and that he should go down to police station and report it and then I would be arrested and put in jail as a listed sex offender for 5 years but be listed for life. Is this true I send you word for word what was said. I dont believe it is because i said nothing wrong but he is trying to hold it against me and use it as blackmail so i kiss his ass and do as he says and not try to get him into trouble because he knows that i know enough to get him sent to jail for a very long time. If this is true why and what would happen if he does report it.. Please write back soon I am always really careful about this kinda stuff because i tend to be paranoid.

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    If everything you say is true, I don't believe there is anything he can do because you have not committed any crime.
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