cyber bullying in tn

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    cyber bullying in tn

    I know someone who desperately needs help. This woman was accused of starving some horses. These are horses she bought in terrible shape from an auction. Animal Control cleared her when she provided feed bills, vet records, etc. However the people in the county continued to make complaints. Then they took it to a FaceBook page, posting pictures, etc. They accused this woman of vile, nasty things. They drove by her house taking pics, posted ads on Craigslist telling people to go look at the starving horses, etc. She had people posting they would steal the horses, cut her fences, and she was also threatened. She repeatedly asked the county for help. This is a county known for being the Tennessee Walking Horse capital of the world. Her name, address, all personal info, her neighbors addresses, her landlords address, all was posted on this Chat Group. These people claimed to be trying to "force" her to feed horses she was feeding all along. She was told the Sheriff would talk to the man who has the Chat group, which he did, and he stated in the newspaper that it was a crime. However, when she tried to get a warrant for harassment, they told her to "get the hell out of my office". They finally agreed to let her sign one, but they would not pick the man up. They also refused to let her sign warrants on any of the people who had made threats against her or the horses. Now this has been put all over many Internet sites by these same people, along with once again, this woman's address and personal information. They are holding fundraisers to come to this man's legal defense. The DA's office is being quoted that they advised her against signing the warrant, but she has not spoken to them. Her life has been hell for the last week. These big money people are funding this man, as well as funds the Walking Horse Industry. The county makes donations to this group. Can something, anything, be done to help her? She has called attorneys, they refuse to help since they are also Walking Horse owners. She is being run out of the county. The judicial commissioner told her, "I have been in law enforcement for 46 years. I have never seen anything like this. I don't even know where to start." They refuse to enforce the cyber bullying laws. She needs some advice. They are now trying to get her to drop the charges. But she and her daughter are already ruined in the county.

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    As far as the threats go, that is a matter for the police to handle. It seems that everything else may be protected under the first amendment. I would not call this cyberbullying but other people may disagree. You have a right to your own opinion and to discuss it online with other individuals.
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    I would say based on your description of events, they feel the horses are underfed and are pointing that out, via freedom of speech. It appears the police feel similarly.

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    I don't know much about cyber-bullying but am beginning studies in this subject as I write this post. As strange as this theory sounds, I would contact your State's Attorney General who is the "overlord" of sorts. You may have Federal (Constitutional) issues. The AG will direct you. If the AG believes this party is being "railroaded", their office will come down on local officials like a ton of bricks. Good luck.


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