I live in Georgia. My first ticket that I received was 24 miles over the speed limit, 69 in a 45. When the cop came to my window I mumbled "I'm going to be so late for class" and he recorded that on my ticket. My other ticket I was unfamiliar with the road and hadn't paid attention to the speed limit. I figured it was maybe 45 so was doing 50. I had to move over to the right lane so was trying to move around the car next to me and that is when I got caught. He asked me what the speed limit was and I said that I didn't know and he said I was doing 56 in a 35. I have been told to go to defensive driving school and take that certificate to court. Also to take my transcript to show that I am a good student. I am also going to move my court date for the first ticket before my second ticket court date since that ticket is higher. My dad said that we will try to plead no low for that ticket. Will the defensive driving work for both tickets or should I just use it for the second one? Same with my transcript. Will no low work for me? What should I do?

Do I need to hire a Georgia traffic ticket lawyer for this or what? This really sucks royally.