Hi my name is Ricky and I need help I have a court date on 1 30 13 and do not have a PD or a attorney I have already had this case postponed one case I did not have one and don't think they are gunna give me another one I have called the pd office and they said it is to close to my date to get one that there all booked up and to go to court and try to get another postpone now I'm freeking out cause I do what to do what would be the best course of action for me they send me a letter in the mail like a week after I got my case postponed stateing that the arresting officer was not going to be in town and that they were going to postpone till April so I did not go to apply for a pd cause I'm trying to save up for a paid attorney then about a week ago I get a letter in the mail stating that they were just going go on with out him being there so I called the reg pd I used and she was out of town and can't rep me and to call the pd office and ask one of them if they could so I called them and they said they were all booked up that no one could see me so now I am screwed and dk what to do now at this point plz help!