Explaining these type legal matter takes so much that this hopefully will be enough information. In short, I want to know what I can do, if anything, to force a detective to take action. And by that I mean- either arrest, or close the case.
The case: technically there is no case. That's what an attorney told me when I tried to hire him. I have not been charged with anything, just under investigation for the death of my exhusband. He and I were still 'very close' and never stopped seeing each other. Divorce was in 2010, death 2011. Complete autopsy and coroners report has come in and is official he "aspirated vomit". This happened over a year ago.
I did not find out I was under investigation until I was contacted about an insurance policy he had from before we met. I needed the death certificate and coroners paperwork stuff. When I tried to obtain it I found the case was pending so the insurance was on hold. I cooperated with the detective and gave a 4 hour "statement" to the detective. He as I was recorded both on camera and voice recorder. The night he died I gave a statement to the police also.
He was a hard core alcoholic and passed out and choked. I called 911, I tried to help him but he was dead.
The detective also wanted to have my computer and a polygraph. I agreed to both. Before he made it happen I spoke to an attorney who told me NO to the poly graph but I gave my PC to them. They found nothing. I was told by him all this was to put his family at peace. They pushed to investigate, they have family in the police dept.
It is not the money that motivates me to close the case. This has made a mess of my mental state. I will not take the polygraph, which is what the detective said is holding things up. I do not want this hanging over my head any longer.
Do you need more info? I did not kill him. I'm sick to even have been considered.
Can I get detective to close case, judge make him, or wait it out. I think just sitting back doing nothing makes it look like I'm hiding.
thank you