hello my question is as follows;
my company got into financial trouble 3 years ago I had a lady who worked in the office and I spent most of my time on site.so two an a half years ago I put her on part time and cut back as many overheads as possible and got my rent stopped for a period the other option was to go bankrupt,I closed a year and a half later and paid every one up .the lady in the office was aware that we were closing and was pivotal in me getting there,I had asked her if she wanted to work from the office in my house and travil the (15miles) she declined to travel an said she would work from her house so from that point on she was leaving when we closed (one an a half years later,we never spoke of redundancy, on the day she left she asked me if i could sign a piece of paper she had typed up,saying that I had no money to pay her redundancy ,and said that it would help her while she was retraining , I thought it was the least I could do ,I may have been deceived as once the office was closed she took me too court and one, a redundancy case against me, I was unaware, as all the info went to the office that had been closed the first I new of it was a bailiff standing on my door step,so now i am trying to get the decision set aside. The tribunal has asked can we have written representations only or a review hearing, I don't no witch would suit me better as I did sign her letter.but she wasn't made redundant and could have worked on,and choose not too,I know this does not look good for me ,she has also claimed three extra years to her working period, and claimed 12 weeks money saying she did not no we were closing,when she was pivotable in organising it, as the only person in the office who did all the book work. can you offer any advise