Hey yall, I have a few questions. Let me do a quick run down as our past. My sons father and I split 3 years ago because he is a drug addict. After we split I went to court and the judge ordered 50/50 visitation. The normal for the state of FL. In the final judgement she wrote that she was concerned with the fathers lack of licences, drug addiction, instablility, lack of income but feels the child needs both his mother and father but if continuity does not remain the same and if he moves more than 5 miles away from me to come back. Well on Monday I get a phone call from his dads wife stating she didnt know where he was she assumes he is back on drugs she finally found out he was a drug addict he has been shooting up and is now missing. He stole money from here and said I suggest you pick your son up from school on Wednesday. I still have not heard from his dad its been over a week. His dad has track marks up and down his arms she has kicked him out and is filing for divorce. I went today and filed an emergancy motion to get infront of the judge so I can try to get temp. sole custody. I am scared his dad will go to school and pick him up and I will never see him again. but, by law right now he is still able to get him and if I didnt give him to him I would be in contempt. Now while I am waiting to here if the judge deams is as an emergancy motion I am also filing a modification of time sharing plan to try and get sole custody permentaly. Does anyone think I have a chance? Let me know if anyone has been in this situation and or has and advice for me I would really appreciate it.