My family is crying for help...we have been crushed financially for years because of a child support agency whom feels it is fair to charge a non custodial parent a support amount for one child, without calculating the parents actual income? this ordered occurred during a time of being on food stamps and county benefits, than later that agency took away our business license, which we were already having a down time with work,this suspension caused us to lose our home, our vehicles and forced us into unsuitable living conditions. This agency took everything from us, and while we were already financially struggling! And we are still trying to get back on stable ground.

The LCSA never considers the danger they have put our family through..taking critical tax benefits that were to go to them, *why would the government or state allow such practices to be done to vulnerable families, it should be a two way street, not one way and hurt other innocent *who should be considered before such orders are put onto a non custodial parent..please help us wht can we do? we unable to pay for an attorney, unable to pay our full housing costs and other necessities, we have in past complained to the LCSA and they just tell us nothing helpful.
been to court hearings to modify monthly support, that took years, but still they dont consider correcting the arrears and reimbursing for such malicious acts the DA had did to us.
Please consider helping us or advise us on how to proceed to get this issue corrected..
How can we campaign this issue?