My question involves child support in the States of: North Carolina, Michigan and Georgia

OP and I were married and lived together in the state of North Carolina. When we separated, he moved to Georgia. He agreed to pay child support voluntarily to avoid going to court, but did not pay. I was granted an order through Child Support Enforcement. He made child support payments regularly. We tried and failed to make our relationship work. I was forced (due to financial reasons) to move back to our home state of Michigan. He continued to pay the full amount of child support regularly. I finally filed for divorce after nearly 2 years of him saying, but not showing, that he wanted to get back together. Around that same time, he got fired from the job he had (his fault), soon got a new one (paying less) but continued to pay, though the amount he actually paid was only about one-third to one-half of the ordered amount. He quit his job right after our divorce was final and stopped paying altogether. He hasn't paid a dime in nearly a year (10 months). I know he is working because every time he talks to the children he has to get off the phone to get ready for work (seems as though he's trying to make a point.) Not only that, his sister came to my job and asked me why I'm not getting anything, then proceeded to tell me where he is working.

Since I filed for divorce, I have been trying to get help getting the order registered for enforcement in his home state of Georgia. MI told me I needed to contact NC, NC said it will start with MI, and GA says "visit our website." This has gone on far too long and each state refuses to do anything. PLEASE HELP!!