I am representing myself in a child custody modification on 6/4/13 in St. Clair County Illinois. The reason that I am doing so is that there have been significant changes in the circumstances with the mothers situation. It also would enhance the quality of life our son and also serve his best interest. Also there would be a change in jurisdiction as I have moved from St. Clair County Illinois to St. Louis County in Missouri due to me getting married. She has lost her home to foreclosure, lost her vehicle to repossession and was arrested for drug possession and is currently on probation for said offense. She has been fired from her past 4 jobs for misconduct, was stealing food stamps from the state of Illinois under false pretenses. She has a long record of offenses with law enforcement. She has had very little interest in our son until recently but the mental damage done to our son because of years of neglect is deep and very apparent. I don't mean to come off as perfect because I am not. I do though know and can show that i have been a very involved parent in my sons life. I am always active in his schools, his homework, with his interests, been one of his baseball coaches and just in general always been there for him and his needs. I do not have any offenses on my record, I have been employed continuously for almost 10 years, was a volunteer fireman and have done extensive volunteer work. I feel I am a good father and a productive member of society. That being said, I am scared to death of the outcome, representing myself and in general for the well being of my son. Please advise. Thanks for reading. Chris Cloud 6182503919 chriscloud73@yahoo.com