My question involves a child custody case from the State of: GA
I was granted full custody on my son (now he is 3 years old), filed for divorce while pregnant due to domestic violence husband attacking me while been pregnant
once the child was born i was granted my divorce and full custody , 3 years of waiting for the criminal case, after so many struggles , DA office gave them at trial all proofs , medical x rays and they still let him got away with it. when he was acquitted i felt was not justice, he tried to kill me and my unborn child , broken finger it was very difficult for me r the past 3 years to overcome fears and still the jury felt it was enough time for me to heal and let him go, i had doctors, nurses witnesses of the attack and they still less than 20 minutes set him free. until this day i could not understand only answer 30 years for assault jury felt was too much instead they let him free.
now after a month I went to child support because he is not paying full amount no the arrears, with son childcare expenses ,medical insurance i have another child I barely make it , finding out that he also wants an order of modification asking for 50/50 custody my heart broke is all about the money for him not to pay. am so scared and worry i can not even look at him now i don't sleep he bases modification on the acquitted verdict but he really did it and my divorce was granted based on the attacked

what should i do do? you think he can take me to court and ask for visitation , revoke the full custody or if my divorce legally give me permanent full custody.
am so afraid he already got away with the assault now taking my son please i just need to know what to do.