My father is currently in a seattle wa veterans hosp that he voluntarily checked himself into. Now he is trying to leave AMA against medical advice. He is wheelchair bound addicted to narcotics(that are rx to him btw) and has no one to care for him in his state Ca. He has a drivers license(that is suspended due to dui) in Wa state, half of his mail comes to my address in Wa state but he owns a home in Ca. The social worker at the hospital told me it was detrimental to him to get a guardianship to make sure he is taken care of. I have a medical power of attorney my aunt has financial power of attorney. He cannot get his own food, drive, get to the bathroom ect...They are saying the only way to keep him in the hospital until guardianship is in place, is if he is suicidal?! Well they told me he is delusional, cannot care for himself and are going to file a report with adult protective services, which he already has two reports for leaving AMA from two california hospitals. So my big question is what state should i file in. I live in Wa which is where he is as of now, yet trying to leave to ca. If i do get guardianship i will have him moved up to me. But i dont know what state i need to go thru.He is threatening to leave the hospital in a loaned wheelchair and get a cab to the airport. he cannot transfer himself at all in to a car or plane, but if he passes whatever mental health exam they do they cannot keep him involuntarily. They are doing their best to make it very hard for him to leave but there isnt much else they can do. He sat on a couch in his own feces, getting terrible ulcers on his rear not eating for 10 mths prior i see that as suicide, along with taking a 90 supply of narcotics in two at a loss and dont know what to do