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This is a discussion on Ex from hell within the Family Law Questions forums, part of the Legal Questions & Answers Forum category; my ex and I went to mediation in 2011. I asked that I be able to maintain the healthcare coverage on our son since he did not do it from ...

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    Ex from hell

    my ex and I went to mediation in 2011. I asked that I be able to maintain the healthcare coverage on our son since he did not do it from the divorce back in 2009. I was granted that in our agreement. When I received the court order signed by the judge I went to work, signed the necessary paperwork to have my son added to my insurance and also paid for two months coverage. from there, I went to the Dept. Of human services and signed paperwork to have my son dropped from Medicaid. (I had to have him placed on Medicaid because my place of employment would not allow me to add him to my coverage without a court order). I did all of the necessary steps I should have. in the meantime, my ex kept harassing me about his insurance card and I have those text messages on my cellphone. in July 2011, I learned my insurance company would not pick up our son until Medicaid dropped. something I had no control over. in August 2011, my ex writes me a nasty threatening letter stating that because he had paid the new child support amount for two months and I still had not paid for our sons insurance, He was going to go back to paying the old child support amount. an amount based on him keeping insurance. I tried explaining to him through texts that he could not change that without going to court. also, explained that old amount was based on him carrying the insurance. I even sent him my paperwork showing I had attempted to drop the Medicaid in June 2011, my payment for the insurance, you name it in the mail. Instead, he does exactly what he said he would do. he paid the old child support amount in Sept. And Oct. 2011. I hired an attorney and filed a civil and criminal contempt charge against him in sept. 2011. gave my attorney his letter and everything which will be used as an exhibit. I went to court in Nov. 2011 over this. my ex had never answered the petition. Nor did he show up for that court hearing. then in Dec. 2011, he appears in court with his attorney and mine. Let me say, my attorney never told me about this court hearing. My ex's attorney requested the judgment to be set aside and it was granted. I questioned my attorney the next day trying to figure out what had happened in court since I was never notified about it. he said my ex's attorney assured him (not sure if it was with the judge too) that he would have my ex pay me the arrearages in child support before Christmas. that has never happened folks. then I asked my attorney since all of this had happened, how long my ex now has to answer my petition from back in sept. 2011. he stated the petition had to be answered before Dec. 28th, 2011. folks that hasn't happened either. my attorney said he will file a motion for default now. can someone explain to me what in the heck is going on? my ex has to pay the child support receipting unit and it can easily be traced as to how much he paid in Sept. And Oct. 2011. and with him crying like a baby in Dec. 2011, wanting another chance and he hasn't done anything to pay or show the court he has some remorse for all of this, can someone please share with me what kind of punishment he is most likely to get for all of this drama? I live in TN.

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    It is difficult to answer what type of punishment he may face. It is ultimately in the discretion of the judge. You need to find out why your lawyer is not properly communicating with you regarding these important matters.