I am a victim of fraud. I am of Moorish descent; aboriginal and indigenous national of America and Citizen of the Moorish American National Government, but I have a STATE Birth Certificate and social security card and am in the system as a US citizen. The fourteenth article of amendment in the US constitution is ex post facto to the thirteenth article of amendment and the US Supreme Court's Dred Scott vs Sanford decision. Since the enactment of the thirteenth article of amendment of the US Constitution, there has been no documented record to reflect the naturalization clause by treaty, nor application, nor judicial hearing, nor petition, nor declaration of allegiance submitted by any Moorish descendant of lawful age, or accepted by choice as naturalized citizens of the United States. Up until today I continue to utilize my legal name (on the birth certificate) in lieu of my social security number (in compliance with the H.R. 418 Real I.D. Act of 2005) as a transmitting utility for receiving government benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to renounce my citizenship because I did not consciously naturalize with the United States. Thus, I am in need of legal assistance on how correct myself legally and what procedures I need to take in doing so.