We live in Michigan. Last June we entered a rental agreement with the property owner. We moved in on June 15, 2011 and by June 30 we had a posting on the door. Stating that the property was in foreclosure, the landlord wanted us to still pay the rent. After I investigated the information I found that he had not paid the mortgage in over a year and half. We have been living here ever since. On Saturday we received a letter from an Attorney's office informing us that we have 90 days to vacate. After which they will file the necessary forms to evict us. I do have the right to go to court. Does anyone know how much time do you think the courts will give us. We have kept up the property and paid for all the maintenance. I really don't want to leave the house because this is the second time we have been put in this situation. However, the last I moved before and didn't stay to find out the outcome.

If I go to court do you think I will have a chance to stay longer or will they give me more opportunities to purchase this home?