My father is being hospitalized with possible terminal illness, if he gets out he will be permanently in a nursing facility her in wa. He asked a couple to move in with him about 3 months or so ago and he is unable to speak, sign papers make phone calls ect...aunt has financial POA and has tried evicting them thru an agency however we just became aware that in Ca state you have to go thru the courts. Courts say her POA has no use in these situations but my father is unable to do anything. He is currently being evaluated for dementia among several other health issues. THere was never a contract, no rent paid and my father is running out of fund to continue paying all the utilites and amenities that are in that home. We were told shutting anything off is against the law but now if he is unable to take action himself and my aunt(poa) has no power we do not know how to get them out THey very boldly said they will stay forever if they can with no payment of any sort. We do not know what to do or how to get them out of there. ALso we have found that they are using my fathers trucks. before he left he collected all the keys and checked odometers but they have been seend driving around and were never given permission to make extra keys or take vehicles whenever they wanted. They were given permission when asked to take them to run errands for my dad on occasion but not after he came to Wa....we do not know what to do next