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    Child support is money the non-custodial parent pays to the custodial parent to allow the child to maintain the standard of living he would have had if his parents had not divorced. The law states that child support is paid for the “care, maintenance and education of any un-emancipated child under the age of twenty-one years”. Child support can include money for health care not covered by insurance and money for a child’s educational expenses.

    Summary of Child Support Law in New York

    Child support is the duty of both parents. Support is defined broadly and includes things such as shelter, food, and clothing.

    Child support law is a detailed body of law which mandates that parents who have divorced or never married must provide for their children. Child support generally takes the form of money and is paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. The custodial parent’s support obligation is usually met through providing food, clothing, and other things for the child.

    The custodial
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    Child support is court ordered payment requiring the parent without custody of the child to pay the parent ...
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    How is the amount of child support determined?

    Child support laws vary from state to state. However, most states have formulas based on the income of the parents as well as cost of living to decide how much child support one parent must pay to another. A non-custodial
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    Under California law, child support is a right belonging to the child. The child becomes the real party of interest when a parent seeks to enforce the right. The duty of a parent to support the child is fundamental parental obligation.

    Child Support in California

    Child support is an obligation a parent owes on behalf of a child or an amount owed to a county for reimbursement of public assistance paid on behalf of the child. The money paid is to help improve the child’s living conditions. It is intended to help divide
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    Child Support is a court ordered payment from one parent who usually does not have custody to pay to the parent who has custody. However, child support may be granted even though the parents share custody. Child support comes from the obligation of parents to take care of their minor child. The child support payments pay for the costs associated with raising a child. Each state has their own guidelines in determining ...
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    Child Support is a court ordered set of periodic payments that are made by either a parent-obligor to a parent-obligee or by both parents, for the care and maintenance of a child following dissolution of marriage or legal separation. These payments are based upon the combined adjusted gross income of the parents that is estimated to have been spent had the parents ...
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    Child support is the term used to describe periodic payments made by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent for the financial costs of caring and raising their child. The custodial parent is the parent that cares for the child for the majority of the child’s life. The custodial parent can be a biological parent, a guardian, a caregiver, ...
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    Child support is a basic fundamental right of the child. It is not a right of the parent. Therefore, this basic right may not be permanently removed by any agreement, release, or judgment. Such agreements, without receiving approval by the trial courts, are considered void as a matter of public policy.

    Summary of the Child Support in Alabama

    The child support laws are found primarily

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