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    Common Law Marriage Frequently Asked Questions

    What is common law marriage?

    A common law marriage is a marriage recognized as legally valid even thought it was established without a marriage license and an official ceremony. The requirements for establishing a common law marriage vary from state to state, but the common features are:

    - Cohabitation the parties lived together
    - Consent the parties intended to hold themselves out to
    Common Law Marriage

    A common-law marriage is a marriage that is recognized as valid even if no official marriage ceremony is performed. Some states recognize common law marriages as legally binding while other jurisdictions do not. Common-law marriages are not licensed by the government and do not require a ceremony with witnesses in order to be valid. In jurisdictions that do recognize common-law marriages, mere cohabitation alone by a man and woman is not sufficient to constitute a common-law marriage. The parties must consent to ...
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    Family Law is an area that encompasses many rules and regulations pertaining ...

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