Hello all.

California, red light camera ticket.

I didn't go to an arraignment, I just paid my bail at the clerk's window and scheduled a trial. 40ish days later I went to trial, the officer didn't show, the commissioner entered a not guilty plea for me, granted a non-existent motion to continue from the officer, and rescheduled another trial 30 days later.

From what I've found, the 45 day timer of the 'right to a speedy trial' starts from first arraignment/entering a not guilty plea.

My question is, since I didn't do an arraignment, and since the commissioner's not guilty plea entered for me wasn't till 40ish days after posting bail/scheduling trial, does the 45 days start from when I paid bail/scheduled trial, or does it start from 40ish days later when the commissioner entered a not guilty plea for me?