So I got a new car back in May 2012. A few days after I had 5% tint put on all windows (yes the front windows are illegal). Fast forward to April and I got a ticket near the college campus to fix it by 7/3/2013. I got another one by CHP on 4/29/2013.

Just yesterday, Thursday, May 30th, the officer who pulled me over was furious and said I needed to take it off fast. He said I see you have a citation already. Why haven't you done it? I told him it's been busy but I was going to take care of it before the fix it date. He then said if you were speeding would you keep speeding until your court date? I didn't really correlate the story to my citation as it was an equipment violation but I said I understand I would do it soon.

He took a long while to write me ANOTHER ticket and then said if I got pulled over again at any point after this ticket it would be a misdameanor. He wrote "Advised VC 40004" in a notation 3 lines down from the VC 26708 for the tint.

I looked up the VC 40004 and it talks about forgery/altering/knowningly submitted false things to the DMV or CHP. Can anyone clarify how this even relates and is this real? I have had tint tickets (almost 4-5 years ago) and it was just fix it and pay the admin fee.

Can anyone help me figure it out? I am in California.