Orlando - FLA. - George, Zimmerman, the volunteer neighborhood watchman, charged with killing Trayvon Martin
had bail set at $1 million Thursday after he had been arrested a second time because of suspicions from the judge that Zimmerman had misled the court regarding the amount of money available to him. The Florida Circuit Court Judge granted his second bond at $1 million after revoking Zimmerman's initial bond of $150,000 last month after receiving information from prosecutors that Zimmerman had lied to the court regarding the actual amount of cash to which he had access during their April bond hearing.

Prosecutors maintained that a website which was created by Zimmerman to help his legal defense had already garnered $135,000 by the time his first bond hearing took place. Because neither Zimmerman nor his wife told the court about the money they had received to that point, and because his wife, Shellie Zimmerman mentioned low finances due to her not working and him being a student, the judge had originally released Zimmerman on bail of $150,000.