1) I pushed through a Worker's Compensation Discrimination claim in March, 2011, which I won.
2) The judge sided with me on the appeal. (I thought my employer would have to take me back to work).
3) The last scheduled hearing for "Damages" was cancelled and I've heard nothing since from the WCB.
4) I was then told I needed to get an attorney to acquire damages, so I got one in early 2012, but I've heard nothing at all.

The attorney I got was recommended to me buy another attorney in 2011. There was very little communication after that. I couldn't get my calls and e-mails returned.

In October of 2012 I made a trip to his office only to find out that he moved from the New York office he was at to a location in Long Island. I still could not get hold of him and was later told that the problem was probably because he had moved to a location that was hard hit by hurricane Sandy. (This would explain why I received no response to the new number I was given).

I contacted the original attorney that recommended him and he sent me an e-mail address, since as of January 2013 my phone was now cut off and that is my only method of communication.

In May he initially responded to my e-mail with a request to schedule an appointment for me to see him. (An appointment time that I couldn't make). When I tried to get a different time I received no response back. Not to my last three e-mails.

At this point I think another attorney would be best, but after about a dozen e-mails I've been unable to find one. (And I need to find out how my Worker's Compensation Discrimination case may conflict with my original Worker's Compensation claim, where an offer for a settlement has been made).

Any advice would be appreciated.